Cabana. Beachside Bar & Grill

About On the Edge

For 20 years, On The Edge Design has been driven by a desire to create outstanding design solutions, and an unwavering commitment to furthering our clients’ success. As a result we have forged a long list of enduring relationships and gained considerable recognition as experts in our chosen niche.

Simply stated, we are a full-service design and branding firm specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industries, with a client list that spans the country. We understand the critical role that a consistent, clearly-articulated brand plays in today‘s highly-competitive marketplace. We understand the distinct nature of each restaurant segment, as well as the “intangibles” that make certain concepts hugely successful, while others play follow the leader. We profess to all of our clients that if they want to compete successfully, they must take ownership of a unique and compelling brand identity.

We offer our services on many levels, from the development of a comprehensive brand package, to long-term in-store or external promotional strategies. We frequently partner with other creative or architectural firms, who also understand the critical nature of a team approach to developing brands that will not only shine, but will also stand the test of time.

Each project is approached with the same focus on results, so as to provide our clients with what matters most: a meaningful and lasting connection to their most precious assets - their guests.

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